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 Wendell Connor Car Rentals in Anguilla! 

Wendell Connor's Auto Rentals and Taxi Service Anguilla, is a professionally owned family business which was founded in 1982 by Mr Wendell E Connor Senior. Over the years, we have been able to serve a wide range of visitors and locals with suitably priced Rental cars and Taxi services. Our rental fleet is made up of newer model car, jeep, SUVs and Van which are mostly left hand drive vehicles. we also offer With 24 hr service, free pickup and delivery, emergency road side assistance, we ensure that our service is #1 in the business. Our information help desk is available to help with questions and queries about taxi service, car rental, directions, beaches, hotels, restaurants, shopping and much much more

Driving in Anguilla

Anguilla is only 35 sq miles, its 16 miles long and 3 miles wide, with only one main road runing through the center of the island connecting from end-to-end. Renting a car or taxi will be the best option to travel or tour this island and to see the wonderful sites from  Beaches to restaurants & bars.

To hire a car,  visitors need to purchase a temporary Anguilla driving permit  @ $15.00 valid for 3 days or @ $25.00 valid of 3 months. A temporary Anguilla driving permit is available at our rental company customer desk. 

Driving  information:

  • Anguilla drives on the left side of the road.
  • The minimum  age to rent/hire a car is 25.
  • The speed limit on most main roads is 30 mph max, but in school zones and villages 20 mph.
  • There are many roundedabouts and speed bumps/hump, also traffic light  around the island.
  • Traffic moves smoothly with very little traffic jams so NO need to speed.
  • Drivers safety  ( seat belts, horn, turn signals,head & tail lights ).

Anguilla Beaches

 AXA Beach

Anguilla has 33 accessible beaches, of which many have ranked world’s best . Anguilla’s beaches offer peace, quiet and serenity along with crystal clear water surrounded by white sand. 


Wendell Connor's Auto Rental  welcomes you to Anguilla!

Tranquility wrapped in blue seas and white sand beaches.



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